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Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!
GATEWAY TO QURAN is online Quran academy. Our teachers help you learn Quran online. We also help students to practice the lessons they learned at Islamic School. Our aim is to make our students learn the holy Quran with Tajweed (Reciting Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and accent) and translation and tafsir of the Holy Quran. Our tutors teach those who want to learn Islam and read the holy Quran online by way of distance courses. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning the holy Quran and basic islamic education. We utilize unique online learning tools, and combine both ancient and modern methods of teaching. Study Islam online through our online interactive learning Islamic classes. JOIN TODAY

Demo Lessons

We have a couple of recorded Quran and Qaida lessons for you so you can see how online tutoring of Quran and Tajweed takes place.

Trial Quran classes

We give you trail Quran classes so you can evaluate our teaching services before you Join our Quran, Tajweed and other classes.

Watch us on Youtube

We have recored Qaida & Quran lessons for you so you can learn in your spare time or you can use them for resvision of you Quran lessons.

Learning Quran Online is Effective

Quran Reading Classes are provided at affordable charges. Easy Lessons are delivered to the students by Qualified Quran tutors.Learning Quran is made easy using Online Quality Conversational Softwares.

It's Easy to learn Quran Online

You can learn Holy Quran at any place. Simple and easy lessons with proven teaching methodology. One to One classes makes it attractive. Friendly environment is maintained. And you can learn at your own convenience

Courses We Offer Online

Features of Online Quran Learning system

Student centered system

Friendly environment

One-to-one live Quran class

Quran Learning in your living room

Essential Islamic Teachings for Muslims of any age.

Affordable Fees for your Quran & Qaida Classes

Highly trained and qualified Quran teachers.

Well Experienced Supervisers

Opportunity to learn Quran Online is a blessing and you must avail it

GatewaytoQuran‘s online courses are a true gift to the Muslim community. With access to a wealth of knowledge and resources, these courses are a powerful tool for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the Quran and strengthen their connection with Allah (SWT). The ability to learn from qualified teachers and scholars from the comfort of our own homes is truly remarkable, and allows us to access the wisdom of the Quran in a way that is convenient and accessible. Through the online courses of GatewaytoQuran, you’ll be able to explore the teachings of the Quran and apply them to your daily lives, transforming our perspectives and deepening our relationship with Allah (SWT). 

Now that you have the option for Online Quran Learning, you can utilize this opportunity at any time and any place. This is worth utilizing, because your religion demands this from you. In an Hadith our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says that, “The Superiority Of The Learned Men Over A Worshipper By Rituals Is Like My Superiority Over The Best Of You.” Tirmidhi.

Learning Quran online has been made possible by providing reasonable rates for online classes for the people living anywhere in the world. One to one classes are organised. High quality conversational softwares are used. In most of cases Desired time is provided.

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